Thursday, June 17, 2010

Resort 2011

While reviewing the resort collections this year, I began by asking myself after each photo, "If I saw a woman wearing this outfit somewhere, could she be described as chic?"

[4 Below] Stella McCartney

The blue lace fabric of this dress is gorgeous. I love that she kept the natural shape of the lace at the edge, instead of cutting it straight across. The voluminous part at the shoulder lets light filter through, making the pattern stand out.

Stella McCartney rightly kept this style simple to let the beauty of the floral silk stand out. This dress could be worn almost anywhere.

The delicate lace peeking out at the bottom of this dress contrasts the sharp angles of the collar.

I just couldn't get over this amazing, bold floral fabric. It reminded me of botanical paintings. I'd like to see what the shorts look like alone.

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Anonymous said...

looks like 2011's fashion will be a much nice than 2010.